Night-time dogsled tour

Experience a magical sled tour through the forests of Dalarna as the night sets in.

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When darkness has fallen, we receive at the facility and set up for a lovely sleigh ride in the forest landscape of Dalarna.

The glow of the headlamps shows the way and you will have an exciting experience together with our dogs.

If we're lucky, the moon is up and shining, then we can turn off the headlamps and slide along in a magical fairy tale landscape where only the dogs' breath and the creaking of the sleds can be heard.

When we are back at the facility, we take care of the dogs together, we harness them, cuddle them and help with the evening meal.

You need warm clothes and shoes to enjoy the adventure

Dog sled tour SEK 1,500/person

(the whole activity takes about 1.5-2 hours)

We have two sleds that we can drive at the same time.

A party of two adults and 2 children if the weight limit is 200 kg per sled can be accommodated.

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