Måsek's Core Values

Måsek's core values ​​are based on our passion for the sled dog sport, Siberian huskies and a strong desire to share memorable experiences with us

In order to achieve the goal that our guests will have memorable experiences, our value base rests on five pillars that all together carry the business and elevate the experience to that little extra

Animal husbandry

Animal husbandry

Måsek's animal husbandry complies with the Animal Welfare Act and has all the permits needed to conduct activities with animals.

Together, we have more than 50 years of experience with polar dogs and sled dog sports

All dogs receive the daily love, cuddles, supervision and care in a stimulating environment that is needed for everyone's well-being.

For us, it is important that our guests participate in good care of the dogs

All dogs are of course insured and regularly vaccinated according to competition standards

Should the accident occur, Falu Animal Hospital is available in the immediate area for treatment.


All outdoor activities in Sweden are based on our Allemansrätt. It gives us unique access to, and great opportunities to use, nature for our activities.

Måsek's works actively to respect and teach about the rights but also obligations that the Allemansrätten gives us and our guests.

Special consideration is given in the spring when the nursery in the forest is filled with small newborn individuals by making our way in such a way that the animals have time to prepare for us coming by their home.

We only use our own fireplace
Does not break twigs
No littering in nature
Make us heard so we don't have unwanted encounters with the wild animals
Responsible for ensuring that the nature experience is treated with respect


For Måsek's, it is important that everyone should feel welcome and receive the same good treatment.

Equal treatment pervades all our work and we see differences as an asset and opportunity for continued development of the business.

Måsek's works actively to ensure that everyone can take part in our memorable experiences by, as far as possible, adapting the activities to the wishes and needs of the guests


For us, it is important that the experience increases understanding of the business. Conversations about the points below are always integrated into the activities

Siberian Husky
Breed typical
Herd behavior

Draft dog sports
Ambassadors for the sled dog sport

Right of public access
Rights and obligations

Animal husbandry


For us, it is important that all guests feel safe before, during and after the activity. That is why we work actively with our security work. This may mean, among other things, that we can cancel tours if we do not have a safe base to drive on.

We have a safety plan to prevent risks and accidents from occurring

We always work with integrated safety thinking in every step of our business

We involve our guests by informing them about the risks and involving them in how to act if something unforeseen happens

We always evaluate our tours and ask the guests for feedback for further development of the security work

Constant development work based on experiences and feedback from our guests