Annika and Pär Jansson

Måsek's is run by Annika and Pär Jansson, who together have more than 50 years of experience in sled dog sports. Annika had her first sled dog at the age of 23, an Alaskan Husky named Terry. The next dog was an Alaskan Malamute, which also marked the starting point of a long and still successful career in competing, although for the past 10 years with Siberian Huskies. Annika has competed in Nordic style, sled dog style in winter, medium, long distance and sprint. Within dryland, there are medals in both scooter and cart. Pär had to borrow his first Siberian husky before buying his beloved Kewatin. Together, they have a fondness for dogs and nature, which is reflected in the activities offered at Måsek's but also at the centre, which is their shared kennel where they live together with the dogs in an incredibly beautiful environment.

From Passion to Business

Already 13 years ago, Annika and Pär started dreaming of turning their great passion for sled dogs into a business where they could offer the smaller group an exclusive sled dog experience. That dream has now become reality and they have guests who visit the centre from both Sweden and other parts of the world.

World Champions

More than half of the dogs are recognised World, Swedish and European championship medallists. Among Annika and Pär's many achievements, in 2019, Annika won silver in the 6-team sprint sled at the World Championships in Bessans, France, and then went on to win gold in the 6-team cart at the World Championships in Nybro, Sweden, where Pär also won gold in the 2-team dog scooter.

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