Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

About husky tours with sled & wagon

How far are the dog sledding tours?

The most common activity takes about 2.5–3 hours and we sled between 6 km and 10 km. How long it takes depends on how much snow there is on the track, how cold it is outside and how much weight is in the sled. The whole activity includes dogcare, i.e. you help and take care of and cuddle with the dogs afterwards, give them something good to eat for recovery and make sure they get back to their kennels.

How many people can fit in a sled?

A sled can hold a weight of 200 kg, but it is usually suitable with one adult and one child/youth or two smaller adults in each sled.

Is there an age limit for dog sledding?

Small children who are not used to dogs may be scared instead of appreciating the tour. The dogs bark and jump in excitement when we are about to start. From 7-8 years can be a suitable age. If you have smaller children, please contact us and we will see if we can adapt the activity to your wishes.

How cold can it be when you go sledding?

It can be many minus degrees and really cold when we run our tours. When you ride, you sit on a reindeer skin in the sled, but you get cold quickly when you sit still and are exposed to the speeding wind, so plenty of warm clothes when we go sledding are a must.

It is particularly important to make sure that the children are really warmly dressed, it is easy to get cold when you are small.

We are several adults who want to go, can we go after each other?

Yes, you can book several trips one after the other and we go in batches so those who don't go sledding can wait and keep the campfire alive.

I have older children who want to go dog sledding, does it work without an adult going?

It works fine, we always adapt the tours to our guests. We can take fewer dogs, brake more so we adapt the activity to who is sitting in the sled.

Can I drive the dog sled myself?

If you have sledded before, we can discuss it and see if there is an opportunity based on your experience, but it is not an activity that we generally offer. Our tracks are technically quite difficult to ride for a beginner.

Questions and Answers

About Husky Hiking

Can children participate in husky hiking?

Children can absolutely join but are not responsible for going with their own dog, children can join and have a double connection with an adult. Then children cope well with the activity.

How long are the walking tours?

We adapt the tours according to your wishes, but we stay in the local area and hike between 3-10 km.

Do you have to be strong to handle husky hiking?

You need to have good balance and be able to have a low center of gravity in the step. Our huskies work well and the first km they are eager and put on a little more in the harness, but after that the pull becomes a pleasant help when we walk on the paths up the mountain.

Are all walks with huskies near your facility?

Sometimes we get requests for tours on hiking trails around Dalarna and then we see if we can adapt a tour there to the guests' wishes.

Is any special equipment required?

Sturdy hiking boots or good running or walking shoes are a must as parts of our hikes go on winding paths with rooted stones and over small streams. In addition to that, we receive other equipment needed for a wonderful trip.

Questions and Answers

About Dogscooter

Do I drive the dog myself?

Yes, you get your "own" sled dog during the tour and you drive the dog scooter yourself.

Can children participate in the activity?

You need to be able to ride a bike and use hand brakes in a safe way and be big enough in your body so that there is weight and muscle to hold against your crew when we stop. At least 12 years.

Can everyone drive a dog scooter?

The activity always starts with you getting to drive the dog scooter without a dog, learning to feel balance, brakes and how the dog scooter works. When you have passed the "run-up" without a dog, you are ready to drive the dog scooter with one of our huskies.

How long do you drive the dog during the activity?

Our dogs are quite fast and think it's great fun to run fast. We drive between 3-5 km depending on the weather and surface. So it's a little different how long it takes but between 15-25 minutes.

How fast can you go when driving a dog scooter?

We always drive according to the guests' abilities and as drivers we regulate the speed with the hand brakes. But if you want to feel a bit of speed, we can drive upwards of 30 km per hour in certain parts of the tour if we feel safe with it.

Is any special equipment required?

Bicycle helmet and glasses are mandatory. We have both bicycle helmets and glasses that you can borrow, but if you have your own that you think fits well, of course you bring it.

When is it too hot to ride a dog scooter?

When it is at its hottest in the summer in combination with high humidity, we do not run dog scooter activities. But cooler summer evenings can be great for driving a dog scooter tour. Contact us if you have any questions about your particular booking.

Questions and Answers

About kennel visits

Are all dogs out in the loose fence at the same time?

No, all dogs with us accept each other when they work in the dog team, but they may have a little too much mutual competition for them to be able to be loose together. Only those dogs that are safe with each other are allowed to be outside together.

Can we be outside in the loose fence with the dogs?

Yes, it is great fun to be outside with the beautiful mischievous dogs.

Do the dogs jump on us if we are out in the loose fence with them?

Some of the dogs are curious about people, while others may not come forward at all and keep a little distance. Some may be a bit close and want to be patted and cuddled and others may be a bit jumpy and want to be kissed. No guest is left in the dog tag alone without one of our guides.

I'm a bit afraid of dogs, can I join anyway? I think they are so beautiful and would love to join.

We can always adapt the activity and we have some dogs that are a little calmer and more careful so you can meet them and have a calm and nice contact with the beautiful animals. We can also take out a calm and nice dog on a leash that you can meet in pleasant, customized ways.