Kennel Visit

Enjoy the presence and company of our huskies in the husky yard as they run and sniff around while being cuddled.

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You are welcomed at Måsek's kennel by us Annika and Pär who have a long elite career in the sled dog sport. Through conversations on site, the activity is adapted to your dog's habits.

You step into the large dog pen and, adapted to your dog habit, different groups of Siberian huskies are let loose while you are placed on a seat in the middle of the pen. Some of the dogs will be curious about you, so be prepared for close contact with a lot of cuddling, cuddling and some mischief.

You get to learn about Siberian huskies, sled dog sports, study herd behavior and cuddle with as much as the dogs want.

The activity ends with a campfire with a fantastic panoramic view, coffee and the conversation about our experience together with the dogs

Prerequisites: Everyone is welcome, but the smallest children are not allowed in the dog pen

Equipment: no special equipment is required

Things to think about: Loose clothes, you will probably get dirty, so you should also bring a change of clothes. In case of bad weather, bring your own rain gear.

Kennel visit incl. coffee (approx . 1.5 h) SEK 950 /person

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