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We welcome you to the facility and you get to meet us and all the dogs. We review which dogs are suitable for the day and you will be assigned the dog that you will then drive. We practice driving with the dogscooter without a dog so that you feel safe with the vehicle. As basic knowledge, you need to be able to ride a bicycle and handle hand brakes. We load the dogs into the transport and set off to an area that is excellent for dog scooters.

We connect the dogs in front of the dog scooters and together you and the dog work up the mountain and you get the opportunity to train the balance and the feeling in the team before you can let go. Up at the top, there will be a restart before it goes downhill, and there you can, if you want, feel competitive speed with your crew.

Back at the kennel, you take care of your dog and there is time to cuddle and cuddle. The campfire is lit and we have coffee together, talk about the experience and enjoy the fantastic view.

Prerequisites: You need to be able to ride a bike and handle hand brakes and have good basic physics.

Maximum weight : To drive the dog scooter is 100 kg

Age: At least 12 years. Contact us for questions about age.

To think about: good shoes that stick to the foot. If it rains, you need to bring your own rain gear.

Dog scooter tour SEK 1,500/person

(The whole activity takes about 2.5 h)

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