Husky Hiking

Enjoy the power and company of our huskies during a hike in the forests of Dalarna.

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Husky Hiking

We welcome you at the facility where you meet us and all the dogs, maybe you have seen your favorite dog already our dogs . If possible, you get to choose your dog for the day. Equipment in the form of a waist belt and gloves is then tried on and the selected dogs are loaded into the transport. We go down together to the foot of the mountain where the hike starts.

Connected with an expanding pull line, you and the dog become a close-knit team and together you reach the top with joint forces. Experience the primordial power of the draft dog by hitchhiking with one of our strong competition dogs up the mountain on winding paths and small dirt roads.

A hike in beautiful nature that requires a little extra but gives so much more. The activity is aimed at adults and slightly older children. If you are unsure of the children's age, contact us

On the way you experience fantastic nature that ends at the top with a beautiful view. Back at the kennel, you take care of your dog and give it food and fluids as recovery and cuddle as much as you want.

The activity ends with a campfire with a fantastic panoramic view, coffee and the conversation about our experience together with the dogs

Prerequisites: Good basic physics, you need to be able to walk a few km sometimes in somewhat rough terrain.

Equipment: We equip you with a waist belt and gloves.

To think about: You need to have good shoes that fit properly on the foot. In case of bad weather, you need to have your own rain gear

Husky Hiking tour SEK 1,650/person

(The whole activity takes approx. 2.5 h)

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